Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), which is also commonly referred to as 3D printing, has developed over its 30-year history into a feasible manufacturing process for an increasing number of applications. The dominant application of AM / 3D printing remains prototyping, where these technologies improve product development workflows, however manufacturing and production applications are increasing year on year as the processes become more advanced.

Fundamentally different from traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing processes use digital equipment to manipulate materials and build physical objects in layers. Not every device or component can — or should — be made with these processes and designing for additive manufacturing is most effective when delivered with a strong understanding of the materials and the different AM processes. This is where Addition Design and Research excels and is able to form collaborative partnerships with clients to maximize the benefits of AM and identify new opportunities.

Why Additive Manufacturing

The advantages of using additive manufacturing for production applications can be significant for the right products. The Addition Design and Research team are experts in identifying manufacturing projects where AM is an ideal fit.



Advantages of Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing:
• Production of complex geometries
• Reduced time to market
• Product quality and repeatability improvements
• Part consolidation by reducing and in some cases eliminating the need for assemblies
• Tool-less production, eliminating tooling costs
• Product variation
• Waste and labour cost reductions
• Substantial manufacturing capital reductions
• Establishing an easily traceable digital workflow.

While these advantages are real and increasingly being realized by companies and organisations around the world, it is also critical to balance these benefits against the limitations of AM / 3D printing, which mean it is not a suitable production method for all applications.

Product Design and Research

Understanding when AM and 3D printing is appropriate is probably the most fundamental concept to grasp when embracing this technology base. Not all products/components are suitable for AM. Applying AM and 3D printing effectively and optimising the benefits requires comprehensive research and specific design skills, together with critical material knowledge.


The Addition Design and Research team is able to demonstrate this multi-discipline approach, and works collaboratively with clients to deliver project excellence at every stage. The team has also established a globally recognised reputation, with expertise in developing high value products exclusively using additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The team has also developed new 3D printing technology platforms and materials.

Products and Devices

Bringing together a unique combination of skills in industrial design, manufacturing and more than a decade of 3D printing research, Addition Design and Research offers specific contract R&D services as well as industrial design services to support the development and production of products that take advantage of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology. Working across industry sectors, Addition Design and research has extensive experience of developing new and innovative product development projects, as well as identifying existing products and devices that can be optimised with AM and 3D printing.

Process Development

As a result of its in-depth knowledge about AM technology, Addition Design and Research has also developed unprecedented expertise in the development and commercialisation of new and innovative 3D printing and additive manufacturing platforms.

Technology Development

Bespoke AM / 3D printing technology is an area in which Addition Design and Research sets itself apart. Additive technology platforms require that materials, equipment and software work together in harmony. Existing off-the-shelf platforms can be used effectively to produce suitable products and components. However, in some cases, the off-the-shelf solutions may not provide optimal conditions for some applications. Addition Design and Research has the expertise and knowledge to develop a completely bespoke digital manufacturing solution.

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