Additive manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D printing) is a production and manufacture method which uses digital equipment to manipulate materials and builds physical objects and products in layers. Not every device or component can be made with these processes and designing for additive manufacturing must be delivered with a strong understanding of the materials and the different processes.

Why Additive Manufacturing?

The advantages of using additive manufacturing in production can be significant for the right products. These advantages can include a reduction (in some cases elimination) in the need to assemble or fabricate parts, toolless production, product variation, time to market savings, waste and labour cost reductions, product quality and repeatability improvements, substantial manufacturing capital reductions and completing an easily traceable digital workflow.

3D Printed Product Design and Research

Understanding when digital manufacturing and 3D print is appropriate is a key element of manufacture of modern products. The Addition Design and Research team have world renowned expertise in developing high value products exclusively using digital manufacturing and 3D printing. The team have also developed new 3D print technology and materials.

3D Printed Products and Devices

Bringing together a unique combination of skills in industrial design, manufacturing and over a decade of 3D print research, Addition Design and Research can offer research and development as well as industrial design services specifically for products that take advantage of advanced manufacturing and 3D print technology.

Digital Manufacturing Development

Not only does the Addition Design and Research team have world renowned expertise in developing high value products which are exclusively produced using digital manufacturing and 3D print techniques, the company also have expertise in the development and commercialisation of new 3D print and additive manufacturing technology itself.

3D Print Technology Development

Bespoke 3D print technology is an area in which Addition Design and Research sets itself apart. Additive manufacturing technology requires materials, hardware and software to work in harmony. In some cases, existing technologies may be used to produce suitable goods and components. However, in some cases Addition Design and Research can develop a completely bespoke digital manufacturing solution.

Beyond the conceptualisation of the process and through our extensive UK wide resources we also have the capability to formulate, develop and test new materials.

Addition Design and Research is currently developing several new digital fabrication technologies and the team has an international reputation for delivery of innovative additive manufacturing and 3D print technologies.

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