Design Development

Innovative products and technologies require a leap into the unknown. To give a solution the very best opportunity, our designs are delivered in iterative stages based on the design brief, feedback and effective research.

Creative Approach

Our design process gradually and strategically identifies and refines design concepts that meet the exacting needs of our clients. Although every brief is different, we have an exciting and involving process that relies heavily on client engagement through feedback and if you do not have a fully formed design brief we will work with you to produce this most vital of starting places.

Concept Design

Concept design is where knowledge and creativity combine to form exciting and innovative design concepts. We use unique, well-practiced techniques to formulate and refine ideas in an efficient process. Throughout concept design we involve clients through regular updates and significant contribution in key decisions.

Our Design Process

Research and the brief both form the foundations of concept design, as does a highly innovative outlook, strong manufacturing and materials knowledge and the creative spark; all which Addition Design and Research brings to any design project.

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