Prototypes can be anything from highly detailed 2D images to test rigs and samples but it is important that a highly innovative concept is assessed for performance which is why any new design concept must be assessed in the real world before committing to any form of production or manufacture.

Testing & Refinement

Prototyping allows testing and refinement of a design without exposure to the cost of scale manufacture. Depending on the individual project requirements there are numerous ways to deliver a prototype; ranging from producing images of the design that look like photographs, a digital test of the design in our state of the art CAD systems or production of one-off physical samples.

The Prototype Process

There is no substitute for prototyping a design and assessing its performance in the real world and it is highly likely that a first prototype will require remedial work to correct the design but understanding the materials, the design and the many prototyping processes is key in delivering a successful project.

Our Experience

Addition Design and Research has the experience and capability to prototype in almost any material as well as having in-house 3D rendering and digital analysis software. In cases where products require electronics, Addition Design has the capability to develop and deliver digital electronic prototypes seamlessly built into the project.

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