Whatever your design or advanced technology requirements, research and development (R&D) is at the very core. Fundamental in the development of any new or innovative device or product, thorough research creates a basis by which practical decisions can be made to ensure product success throughout the remaining development.


Design Research

Addition Design and Research offers two areas of research. Design research sets the foundations for the development of products where the manufacturing processes are generally known or the products are high volume goods. Our additive manufacturing research focuses in more detail on products which significantly benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Research Guidance

Addition Design and Research can offer guidance to select which route to take for your design project but either way we can call upon significant resources to achieve a thorough process of product discovery and build a complete design project accordingly.

Research Delivery

Research depends on the individual requirements of each design project and can be delivered as a standalone piece of work or integrated within a bigger project. Some research simply involves a basic overview of competitors and a review of materials and production. Other research may include detailed risk assessment and feasibility studies prior to developing products or technologies.

Structured Research

Research is a broad term but every research project will be tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Together with our partners we can provide in depth analysis of existing products, reverse engineering, intellectual property reviews and 3D scanning.

Research Experience

Addition Design and Research has an exceptional research background and can call upon significant experience and resource in materials, processes, production and first-hand research (including bespoke test rigs and testing scenarios) ensuring that from the very earliest stages, your design project is given the thorough and detailed assessment it deserves.

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