Addition Parts

Take your components from concept to production

At Addition, we seamlessly integrate R&D with production to make your OEM replacement change or wear parts, improving functionality, making them smart, agile and durable, whilst sustaining the environment.

We can take your components from concept to low volume production.

If your parts cannot be removed from site, Addition can come to you. Employing the latest in 3D scan technology, parts can be digitised on site–and in some cases, in situ–before being checked by an Addition engineer to create the virtual print ready model for production.

Parts are manufactured in-house on an industrial 3D printer. Using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, the printer produces accurate, durable parts ensuring your components can be manufactured more quickly, typically arriving back on site ready for fitting in under 7 days.

Sometimes it is not just a broken part that stops your production. Perhaps a new bottle size for which you don’t have the correct star wheel, a carton pusher a few millimetres too short or a completely new format part is required; these are just some of the examples of problems Addition has solved for customers. The power of 3D printing allows Addition to act rapidly to these obstacles and helps you find the right solution to keep your production lines flowing. With OEM solutions taking weeks, if not months, to realise, Addition can drive you forward in a matter of days.

Addition Parts
Addition Parts
This is just one example of how additive technology can be utilised to benefit your workflow and reduce downtime. If this something that you can see benefitting your production line, please get in touch!

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