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We deliver 3D printed products to exceptional standards. We have an ISO:9001 quality management system under which we supply components and parts in a range of materials from our custom built 3D printing facility.

3D Print One Part to Thousands

We have invested in cutting edge facilities in the heart of UK advanced manufacturing and put them at the heart of our business to deliver high quality 3D printed components and parts in flexible volumes from one off to many thousands. From medical products in traceable materials to pharmaceutical and industrial components, end-use consumer goods and one off prototypes and machines, Addition has the experience to deliver.

Please browse some examples of our work.

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Whether it’s one or thousands, we take 3D printing seriously.

We offer a range of facilities depending on our customer needs. From international consultancy work to product development and supply of volume 3D printed components, we have developed a quality system adapted from our medical device manufacturing sister companies, to manage our entire work flow. Systems are maintained to the highest standards, components are quality checked and materials suppliers are heavily assessed before being able to supply traceable materials.
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