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4th May 2020

Covid 19 - We're Fully Operational 1 Covid 19 – We’re Fully Operational

Covid 19 - We're Fully Operational 2

In these uncertain times it’s important to give certainty where there is little and that’s exactly what our response to the Coronavirus outbreak has been; we’ve been exceptionally busy.

We’ve put measures in place to ensure continued delivery for our customers without our staff being affected. Like so many we’ve been involved with some of the efforts to support our healthcare workers as well as well as supporting our medical customers to speed up and manage their critical production better. We applaud everyone out there, the efforts are monumental.

At the same time as delivering additive manufacturing consultancy we’ve been busy making plans. As we approach our year end it is clear that we’ve had an exceptional year. But we can do more and we’ve been putting plans in place to roll out new services and install better resources to serve our customers even better.

In the mean time, we’re still very much open for business to help businesses to benefit from additive manufacturing to reduce lead times, improve profitability and throughput as well as reduce waste and costs.

As and when the UK emerges from the darkness of Covid-19 we remain in place as ever to support our fantastic manufacturers to re-open, re-focus and get back up to speed as fast as possible.

So get in touch with us to discuss how we can help and in the mean time, please stay safe.

Covid 19 - We're Fully Operational 3
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