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4th July 2023

Investment in cutting edge technology at Addition Design 1 Investment in cutting edge technology at Addition Design

Investment in cutting edge technology at Addition Design 2

A Sheffield based design and additive manufacturing business has invested £35,000 in cutting edge 3D scanning technology that will reduce downtime on automated production lines across a number of sectors.

Addition Design have bought a handheld HandySCAN 3D Silver Series Scanner, meaning they can visit clients and scan the replacement parts on site further reducing production line downtime.

Tom Fripp, director at Addition Design said: “We are thrilled to introduce this advanced 3D scanning technology to our operations. With this investment, we can help our customers further reduce downtime by eliminating the need for them to send us their components for reverse engineering. Instead, our team can travel to our customers’ automated production lines, scanning parts on-site and significantly reducing the time lost in transit.”

The company, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, has expanded its scanning capacity and is already working with clients in the Pharmaceutical and Food sectors to deliver this improved service.

“The scanners’ accuracy and versatility allow for the capture of detailed scan data, enabling the production of high-quality components and parts with exceptional precision.

“We chose to invest in a blue light scanner as this particular piece of technology can scan all sorts of different materials at once making it superior to the traditional red-light scanners.

“By visiting our clients on site we can also scan more parts for them and these then go onto their customer portal and a series of digital spares are created that they can access and order with ease.

“We are already reducing the times for replacement parts from the traditional ten weeks to under two weeks and this new scanner means that customers can expect their replacement parts within 5-7 days,” added Tom.

The strategic investment in the 3D scanner marks an important milestone for Addition Design, enabling them to build on their reach in various industries, particularly, sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food production, and medical devices, where precision and quality are of paramount importance, will benefit from the company’s advanced 3D scanning capabilities.

Investment in cutting edge technology at Addition Design 3
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