Advanced by Design Professional design and additive manufacturing research

Addition Design and Research has been formed specifically to push the boundaries of 3D printing.

We are a contract research and development (CRD) supplier creating innovate products which take advantage of 3D print technology. We have a track record in 3D printing technology and believe in the enduring link between pragmatic design and manufacture.

We provide


Whatever your requirements, research and development (R&D) is the very core...

Design Development

Innovative products and technologies require a leap into the unknown...

Digital Design

Digital design uses the power of computers and advanced software...

3D Print R&D

Additive manufacturing and 3D print technology development...


Addition Design is a member of the Chester Medical Solutions family...


Prototypes can be anything from highly detailed 2D images to test rigs...


Who are we?

From our purpose-built facility, Addition Design and Research offers industrial design, additive manufacturing and 3D print development services.

Our resources and capabilities allow us to offer significant innovation in medical product innovation among other sectors.

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Developing the unique capabilities of digital & additive manufacture and 3D print technology.

3D printing or additive manufacturing produces complex components and brings significant benefits to the production of high value, performance, medical and engineering components. The Addition Design and Research team has a strong track record in delivering 3D printed products, materials and additive technology.